The Virtuali-Tee

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The Virtuali-Tee: The Ultimate way to learn about the Human Body.
It's an Augmented Reality T-Shirt that when viewed through an app, transforms into an anatomy learning experience that lets you dive into virtual reality.


Educational Adventures in VR & AR

Indulge your sense of curiosity and immerse yourself in a world filled with exciting adventures in Virtual & Augmented Reality.

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See the world through a new lens...

Teleport anywhere and bring the experience of learning into the home.
Connect with a subject by transporting into an entirely new environment. 


What interests you?

Learning feels different when it's exciting and when you're a part of it. It stops feeling like learning.
Dive into experiences and engage from an entirely new perspective.


Inspiring the next generation.

Curiosity fuels our learning and our discovery. It's what drives learning beyond the
classroom and it's how we discover what we truly love. Join us on our journey.